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Saturday, December 29, 2007
why do holidays end so fast? >< { freed on 3:42 PM

Just came back from an overnight stay in the boat we rented at One Degree 15 Marina Club :]

It was so bloody fun. That late night talk till 4am was kinda freaky yet great at the same time.

Kenneth with his crazy concoction ideas. They were bloody crazy, unusual, whatever you want to describe it with. I just miss them. Although it just ended like 3hours ago.

When can we have such a gathering again?

On a happier note, I pre-ordered 双面飞轮海 which is Fahrenheit's 2nd album for S$46 bucks. I know it's like expensive but I get their autographed poster (they seriously signed the poster in Taiwan!) + pre-order goodies which is actually 2 files (i chose jiro's & arron's!) + some paper to pre-order their concert F-R-E-E. Not actually free considering the sum I paid but worthed it! (:

Wednesday, December 26, 2007
2007 总算要结束了。 { freed on 12:38 PM


2007 也带给我不少的快乐。

虽然迟了一天, 但是诚意最重要, 不是吗?
在美国, 还是圣诞节哦!

Friday, December 21, 2007
London's here! { freed on 12:54 PM


Arrived in London, Heathrow Airport.
& spent the entire afternoon at Kensington High Street, succumbing jetlag.
BTW, don't rip off anything from my blog please, I didn't bother editing the photos and adding words such as 'copyrighted'.

So, yeah whatever.
I'm in Malaysia now & I'm still blogging. -.-

Wonderful breakfast served at a local cafe.
Yummy ^^

Claire's is the bomb :D
Bought earmuffs (damn, is europe cold) & a pouch.
You don't see this shop in Singapore.

Me & the local bus! GO SHROOMS :D

Big Bus :D
Will be riding on it after I come back into London again :D

Kensington Park/Palace :D

Unfortunately, it was closed for the day.

Unsuccessful shot of a squirrel x1

Unsuccessful shot of a squirrel x2

Only embrace the journey if you're brave :D

Hyde park, I think.
Forgot *sheepish grin*

Ben's Cookies :D
Amazingly cheap & delicious.

Who doesn't love Claire's?

Loot for the day, pathetic I know.

Starbucks' Hot Choco.

Bookshop :D

Where we resided for the night, Hilton.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007
we don't wanna be here tonight { freed on 10:45 PM

So, before I update on my europe trip, I'm updating on random happenings in my life.
Starting from last Sat. Just read it, cause I did something to my hair & if you're interested ..

So, I got my 'dou niu yao bu yao' soundtrack :]
I'm like seriously liking it big time.

And then, yesterday.
Went out with Ximin to J8 yet again to catch 'alvin & the chipmunks'!
My rating: 4/5 [enough said]

She gave me this 'MISS WHATEVER' hp hanger. THANKS LOADS! :]

And so, we walked around J8 for awhile and to the library before BYEBYE.
Was supposed to meet mummy but she had some dinner thingy so I walked around J8 myself cause it was like only 5? Bought Angela Zhang's Ang 5.0 album! :D They gave this notebook for free too!

And then today.
Off to mummy's office cause cutting hair in the afternoon/evening.
So, ate at this foodcourt.

Anyways, cut my hair. Something like a BOB :D So, the final result is ...

And then, window-shopped around Bugis before going to J8 YET AGAIN to have dinner/buy stuff.
Ate at Pizza Hut :D

Okay, off to Malaysia tomorrow so this is a last update till next week when I'll start updating on my europe trip. Damn, school's starting like in two weeks time???

And currently awaiting Fahrenheit's 2nd album! Think I'm gonna pre-order it? Hahas.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007
witness the breaking of a new day { freed on 6:38 PM

you know what?

I'm sick of everything.

it really is fine to take a break from reality.

Sunday, December 09, 2007
trust and love are virtues { freed on 2:42 AM

Sorry for not updating. Many hotels charge 5 euros (SGD$10++) for 10minutes. Crazy.
In London now. Trafalgar tour around europe ended. Will be back in S'pore 11th Dec.
London time 7pm and S'pore 2.40am.
All I can reveal for now is the gondola trip is disappointing and I will update photos back in S'pore (:
& also, I got my first Louis Vuitton (LV) bag in Paris ((:

Sunday, November 25, 2007
the times we shared { freed on 11:30 PM

Flight got delayed from midnight to 12.40am. Now, using the free Internet service in the airport.
Grr, so sleepy.
Anyways, off to check facebook account (:

you gotta find your own way back { freed on 5:44 PM

Hello :D
I am off from the 25th till the 10th but will reach S'pore only on the 11th :]
Will miss you people dearly (:
I may be able to blog in Europe cause my dad is bringing his Vaio laptop =)

It was bought during his last, last week's stay in HK, which I was meaning to blog about some time back but forgot to. S$3000+ So small compared to my other Vaio laptop (=

My sister got her iPod Shuffle cause daddy bought the laptop & it came with the iPod Shuffle.

ciao singapore.
ciao ximin.
ciao sarah.
ciao to all of you.
ciao to him.

Saturday, November 24, 2007
let's hold hands forever { freed on 10:27 PM

maybe nothing's meant to be,
i was lying to myself all along.

I finally got my iPod Touch :D
Cool, huh?
8GB, packed with WiFi feature.

Talk about sleekness! :D

Okay, will update soon before flying [:

Friday, November 23, 2007
we're dancing to the summer beat { freed on 3:42 PM

I just realized I had like 7500+ views over 598 days.
Hahas, and no-one tags, selfish freaks.

Anyways, I'm so excited to get on the plane and fly to London!
I'll be going to:
London, Paris (france), Lucerne (switzerland), Milan, Venice, Rome, Florence (all in Italy), Munich, Mannheim (all in Germany) & Amsterdam (netherlands).

I'll be finally sitting the Gondola in Venice, eat cheese fondue and real chocolates in Lucerne, eat hagen dazs in its own creator's country, Germany, go on a branded shopping spree in Milan, admire the effiel tower in paris, admire the leaning tower of pisa in florence and the LONDON EYE & BIG BEN IN LONDON.
+ loads loads more which I can't be bothered to say cause I will get too excited D:

Yes, I am so excited. I don't care if I get jetlag or what cause I AM TOO EXCITED TO EVEN THINK PROPERLY.

I'm leaving on the midnight flight on this Sunday night, don't miss me too much, yeah?
just kidding luhh!

I'll buy souvenirs for Ximin and only her, cause she's my bestie [:

I started watching 美味关系 which is obviously something that revolves around cooking.

For no reason, this year, I'm addicted to these cooking shows, especially those revolving around french cuisines. Ratatouille, No Reservations, 美味关系. What's next?

Anyways, back to watching & I'll blog soon before my Europe trip [:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
you gotta fight for your rights { freed on 11:31 PM

Today [:
(blog about other days another time, too busy packing/shopping for Europe trip.)

Watched 'Enchanted' with mummy & sister today.
My rating: 3.5/5
(how can the princess & the prince not end up together, WTF.)
I love the songs! I am so buying the soundtrack. Fingers crossed that Europe sells it [:

Bought Levi's skinnies [:
like finally.
denim blue & faded blue skinnies [:
the black one don't have my size.
i wear the 25 inch but they only have 28 inch, quite disappointed. But, I love my other 2 skinnies truckloads.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

pictures of me wearing those FABALICIOUS skinnies will be up soon [:

don't let this night hold you down,
fly to a place where you truly belong.